Wood Terms 95

Wood Terms: 95

Wood Terms 95 (2014)
Maple burl bowl and American black walnut blocks
17" x 15" x 5.5"

Entries incorporating the term wood are found throughout the Dictionary of American Regional English: arm of wood, brass wood, buffalo wood, bumble wood, calico wood, Canadian wood violet, chop wood, cinnamon wood, cook wood, cow wood, crooked wood, cudjoe-wood, farmer wood, hay wood, Henderson-wood, hen-wood, Isabella-wood, kindle wood, kindling wood, kitchen wood, knocking on wood, lightening wood, moss wood, opossum wood, piney woods, piney-woods rooter, pipestem wood, possum wood, saw wood, Shawnee wood, soldier wood, squaw wood, sugar wood, summer wood, wood anemone, wood balm, wood bass, wood bee, wood betony, wood blade, wood chicken, wood doctor, wood dove, wood duck, wood fringe, wood gannet, wood god, wood grass, wood gray, wood grouse, wood hen, wood hick, wood horse, wood house, wood ibis, wood iron, wood jack, wood lark, wood laurel, wood lily, wood lizard, wood mouse, wood nymph, wood orchid, wood pewee, wood pheasant, wood pigeon, wood poppy, wood pretty, wood rat, wood reed grass, wood robin, wood rose, wood sawbill, wood sheldrake, wood snake, wood snipe, wood sorrel, wood sparrow, wood tag, wood thrush, wood tick, wood turtle, wood widgeon, wood wren, wood-peent, wood-pie, wood-quoi, woods colt, woods fly, woods hog, woods kitty, woods phlox, woods pussy, wood-vamp.

Carrie: A bowl of plenty where the absences help us focus on the substantive influence of this beautiful material.

Julie: Without the word wood, are these terms still folk or regional? Wood pheasant, cow wood, wood bass, . . . What part does wood play for each of these? For the 95 DARE entries listed above, there are probably 95 different answers. DARE’s “wood words” represent a melange of historical and geographical influences on the varieties of American English.

Wood Terms: 95