Dictionary of American Regional English words mentioned in this exibit:

brook: A small stream. [originally chiefly New England, now widespread but especially Northeast] (In 1885, the term would have been a New England regionalism.)

clever: Agreeable but somewhat simpleminded. [chiefly New England] (From Hunting Trips of a Ranchman: "He noticed a black object which he first took to be a stump; for during the past few days we had each of us made one or two clever stalks up to charred logs which our imagination converted into bears.")

corner: A small locality, such as a village or part of a village. [chiefly New England] (From Hunting Trips of a Ranchman: "There is hardly a State wherein it [the white-tail deer] does not still exist, at least in some out-of-the-way corner; . . ")

corral: A pen or enclosure for livestock; any similar enclosure. [chiefly West] (View contrast map on Digital DARE.)

cow wood: Dried cow dung used as fuel. [Southwest]

gorge: A usually steep-sided valley or ravine. [scattered, but chiefly Northeast, Appalachians, Great Lakes, Southwest]

gully: A place in mountains or high hills where you can get through without climbing over the top. [chiefly Northeast]

mountain lion: A large, tawny, unspotted cat (Puma concolor). Also called California lion, catamount, cougar, Indian devil, Indian panther, link, lion, Mexican lion, mountain cat, panther, puma, tiger, tiger tail, wildcat (View contrast map at Digital DARE.)

painter: A pronunciation and spelling variant of panther. [scattered, but more frequently Appalachians, Inland South]

panther: A mountain lion. [widespread, but chiefly Northeast, South, South Midland] (View contrast map at Digital DARE.)

rantum scoot: An outing with no definite destination. (View full entry at Digital DARE.)

smart: Healthy; chipper, spry. [especially New England] (From Hunting Trips of a Ranchman: "I intended to start about noon, but there was so much business to settle that it was an hour and a half afterward before I put spurs to the smart little cow-pony and loped briskly down the valley.")

ugly: Of an animal: fractious, refractory. [scattered, but chiefly Northeast, North Central, Tennessee] (From Hunting Trips of a Ranchman: "Although a smaller bear than the big one I first shot, he would probably have proved a much more ugly foe, for he was less unwieldy, and had much longer and sharper teeth and claws.")

wood bass: A type of sunfish. [Evidence of use in Louisiana, Iowa, and Illinois]

wood pheasant: The ruffed grouse or the dusky grouse. [Evidence of use in Yellowstone, California, Iowa, and Minnesota]