Blue Jay 10

Blue Jay: 10
Blue Jay 10 (2014)
Bird's-eye maple (blue jay) and American black walnut (base)
28" x 14" x 19"

10 Dictionary of American Regional English terms are listed as synonyms of the blue jay: bird o’ Satan, bluebonnet bird, bluecoat, blue devil, blue jaybird, blue Jesus, corn bird, corn thief, jaybird, nest robber.

Carrie: Layers of regional ideas, perspectives and cultural influences construct the concept of the very same bird in dramatically different ways.

Julie: Is the blue jay a blue devil or a blue Jesus? Your cultural background and your experiences with the creature will color your terminology. Names such as corn thief or nest robber can also serve as built-in definitions or encyclopedic nuggets of information about a creature. These embedded seeds of knowledge are then transmitted through folk and regional speech.

Blue Jay: 10